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W3 Schools CSS Reference discussion moved here from Useful Resources page. The page was supposed to be named W3 Schools Faults but it appears Tavi doesn't support numbers in a Wiki Word .

I don't know that I support the choice of W3 Schools as a reference. They have good surface-level tutorials, but they are sometimes misleading. Opinions? -- Jeremy Dunck

I added them because I use their CSS section almost daily to quickly look up properties. They're not perfect, but they're great for quickly reminding yourself if it's small-caps or smallcaps and other little things like that. Does anyone know of any other sites with a good basic reference to CSS properties? --Simon

I usually use the spec for that purpose, but I realize that many people find the spec unaproachable. Perhaps a page on each of these Useful Resources would allow people to give feedback, and we can let the readers decide what's best for them? I could do a couple reviews to kick-start the readership's responses.

-- Jeremy Dunck 

Would somebody please elaborate on what, specifically, is wrong with the W3 Schools site?

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