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These Are Smashed Together and the page is edited but These Are Smashed Together Too haven't been edited yet [If the question mark is present that is]

Words Smashed Together denote a page in wiki. Type them and you link to the page. Click on the link and you go there -- or create the page if it doesn't yet exist.

Some times you might want to enter something using Words Smashed Together, but not want to create a link. The easiest way is to type an exclamation mark ('!') before the link.

For example, check out the difference between the two lines below:

'I don't use  Microshaft'Exploder and I don't want to create a link to it!'
'I don't use   Microshaft Exploder  and I don't want to create a link to it!'

Scott suggests several ways to "turn off" a Tavi link:

One, in normal text, you can wrap stuff in three backquotes to prevent normal wiki formatting rules. So ``` This Text ``` wouldn't render as a link. *But*, you should not use this for Inter Wiki entries, since 'Tavi expects the text for them to be alphanumeric (IIRC).

On the other hand, you can disable the linkifying of *all* Camel Case Wiki Names by setting $ Enable Wiki Links to 0. Then, you will have to enclose text in double parentheses for it to link, even if it's a normal Wiki Name . Perhaps this is too stringent for what you want...

Lastly, you can put all your Inter Wiki tags in lowercase. Since MySQL seems to be case insensitive, if your Inter Wiki tag reads 'phpwiki' and your prefix elsewhere reads ' Ph Pw IkI: Some Page ', it will still pull up the right entry from the database. So if you put 'em in lowercase they'll still be useable, but they won't appear on Wanted Pages (which may be what you want).

Placing four or six single quotes between the words (see MS'Exploder example above) also seems to work.

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