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A Wiki Word consists of Words Smashed Together or free links.

A more technical explanation follows:

A Wiki Word consists of two or more words with initial capitals, run together.

When you type a Wiki Word , you establish a hyperlink. It's as easy as that.

Wiki Word 's are styled like this because:

  • It makes Wiki hyperlinks instantly recognizable
  • It leads to interesting Wiki topics
  • It avoids the need to fiddle with HTML tags
  • It avoids over-general topics because at least two words are required


  • Uppercase letter(s)
  • Lowercase letter(s)
  • Uppercase letter(s)
  • Optional lowercase or uppercase letter(s) or number(s)

Good examples:

Bad examples of a Wiki Word :

  • Web: Name without the uppercase letter(s), lowercase letter(s), uppercase letter(s) sequence
  • T5 Wiki : Name with number before the uppercase, lowercase, uppercase sequence
  • Md5sums After Burning: Name with number before the uppercase, lowercase, uppercase sequence
  • Know-How: Name with dashes in between


  • Insert Wiki Word 's wherever you can. Rich linking helps to make a Wiki successful. However don't go overboard. A sea of ??? is? hard? to? read? and reduces the utility of Wanted Pages .
  • Be specific. All topics share one name space. For example, instead of Functional Spec write Bread Slicer Functional Spec because other projects might also have a functional spec topic.
  • To stop a Wiki Word from being turned into a hyperlink, insert ! immediately before the ! Wiki Word . Also use this to prevent words with two capital letters in them from becoming Wiki Words . e.g ! Mc Donald or ! Sea Monkey .
  • A topic is usually presented in the singular. Plural Wiki Word 's create new topics that are a completely unrelated to the original. If you must be plural, use an apostrophe.
  • Turn an acronym into a Wiki Word , i.e. use Faq Index for a "FAQ index" topic.

(based on TWiki:TWiki/ Wiki Word )

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