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Content Ideas for the Wiki

  • How about a mailing list tutorial for newbies like myself? I've never joined a mailing list before, so the correct way to reply and post to the list could use more explanation, and might save the list admins some grey hair...
  • Consider this policy or something similar to be promoted on this wiki. The mailing list is VERY active, but the wiki could be more complete and better organized.
  • I wonder if the RSS feed for Recent Changes could be altered so that the links point to the history pages, so that folks checking their RSS feeds every day can easily see just what changed?
  • It would be nice to see a ranking of the "pages most edited" on the Wiki to get an impresssion of where things are expanding, and where there is content being rewritten most often.
  • Browser Feature Support - It's been suggested (by page creation) that a page be added per interesting CSS Feature, and that that page should have information on browser support and links to test cases. Rather than having a page per feature with browser support information on each page, I really think a wiki version of a browser support grid (like Eric Meyer's and West Civ 's would be more helpful. Beware, this is a heady undertaking, and while we could draw on existing grids, making it wiki-y would still be a good bit of work.
  • Workarounds - An unforunate necessity in this day and age, and important enough to warrant their own section with a page describing each one (with sample code etc). Should include the Wiki Word Category Bug Workaround.
  • CSS ideas - thoughts and brainstorming on what the future of CSS could hold
  • Off topic pages The number of off topic pages on this wiki seems to be growing. Perhaps there needs to be some effort to reduce them? Possible solution: list of links to online communities for the related technologies (Javascript, XML, PHP, etc) where they are not off topic. [Agreed. A few Wiki pages are okay where the topic is part-on, part-off topic. But an Off Topic page would be useful to refer to more appropriate forums and resources. Include mark-up and design resources, e.g. webdesign-l and ciwah. OT posters can then be referred to this page. The Off Topic page would itself NOT contain OT material. [[[ Jim Wilkinson ]]]
  • Browser specific pages - From reading list email, it seems clear that a lot of hacks and browser-specific fixes are well known in the community. So far, the wiki has not done a good job with keeping up with that collective knowledge. It would be useful to have a place where you could go to look up more of this information on your own
  • Golden Rules . Perhaps it would be useful to have a set of "philosophical golden rules". These are rules that should apply to all XHTML/CSS pages without good reason. For example:
    • Do not rely on browser defaults for styling
    • Make it Validate
    • Keep the number of nestled tags to the minimum
    • Logical content order in XHTML
    • Comment your hacks (so they can be removed when no longer necessary)

There needs to be more discussion about these.

  • I'd like to start an NN4 shrine, a place for people who need a big bag of tricks to help make web pages in NN4 look as good as possible, in a cross-browser compatible way. I just don't know where it should go in the wiki structure. -- Earl Cooley

I don't think the collective mind has discovered yet where browser specific information should live. Something like Netscape Four will probably fit painlessly enough into any future categorization scheme. -- Matt Wilkie

Is it possible for home users to use CSS for layout? My first instinct when building my "home page" was to attempt a table-free layout. After battling with float and clear etc. I'm starting to wish I hadn't started. What should an ordinary home user do to make the most of CSS? -- Dominic Cronin

Interface suggestions moved to Wiki Interface Suggestions

In discussion

  • Spam - how about a policy to block repeated spammers based on IP?
    • Believe it or not, we already do this. There is a long list of IP addresses (and blocks) that cannot access the wiki, including, unfortunately, some blanket bans on a handful of entire Chinese ISPs. If you spot any IPs that are still causing problems please email the details over to me and I'll add them to the list --((Tim Fountain|TF))
  • I think it would be a wonderful thing if a Wiki associated with supposed CSS deep thinkers could demonstrate how not to piss readers off by making body text smaller than the readers' chosen default size. 'body {font-size: small}' as the default is stupid. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." as it's been said.
    • What's the general public feeling on this? I would hope the reason for this implementation is obvious - by default Georgia on Windows appears very large, so the font size is reduced to bring it in line with what might be considered a "normal" size. However I agree that the wiki should follow CSS best practices, and this isn't one of them. It's a pity you can't apply font-specific size rules.
    • Like Verdana, Georgia is usually not installed by default on Linux systems. Just about every alternative to either of these will appear smaller. It really shouldn't matter whether a font "appears large". Variation in apparent size among various font-families is a fact that should have no bearing on the size selection. As long as the user gets to see his default size, he has only himself to blame if what he sees is "wrong". What we really ought to try is removing both the size and family rules from body entirely, giving visitors a rare opportunity to actually see what they prefer.
  • Enable HTML - I feel this wiki lacks live CSS examples. This wiki exhibits a lot of CSS code explaining how something should be done but it fails to give examples. All examples are hosted on external sites. How about enabling Enabling Raw HTML raw Enabling Raw HTML HTML for this Tavi WIKI installation so one can add examples inside wiki pages?


Suggested changes that have been accomplished: (perhaps these could just be deleted?)

  • Category Category - a list of categories that people might find useful to locate information on a particular topic. Someone who creates or edits a page, and recognizes a broad category that the page is included in, should: 1) add a Wiki Word like Category Foo to that page, 2) add the respective Category Foo page, and 3) add the Category Foo Wiki Word to Category Category . See Category Category for more details.
  • Browsers - a page for each browser with CSS support information + links to page describing relevant workarounds -- See Category Browser
  • Browser Bugs - see Category Browser Bug
  • Sites that use CSS for layout (because a page listing sites that use CSS would end up listing half the web :) ) Related: User Sites and Site Check Please. see Show Case
  • CSS Books - See Good Books and Book Review
  • CSS recipes - (X)HTML and CSS code for self-contained structures or layout effects: buttons, drop-down menus, horizontal menus, thumbnails, breadcrumbs, drop caps, dot leaders, corners, etc. - see examples on home page
  • CSS Reference Sites - a page (or sub section of a general links page) with a collection of links to CSS reference material. See Useful Resources
  • I'd like to see a page that is listed on the Front Page that shows all of the user pages that people have created, to better get to know who all is participating in this project. -- Earl Cooley . See Category Home Page.
  • CSS Tools - links to software useful for using CSS. See Css Editors
  • css optimization (Applications to optimize the code css).
  • CSS and XHTML optimization for google (Thechnics to optimize CSS and XHTML code).
  • CSS tips - practical advice - isn't this what the whole wiki is about?
  • css-discuss list information (although it would probably be better to keep the main information sources outside the wiki and link to them from it). See Css Discuss List
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