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The wiki is hosted and maintained by Incutio, contact details are on their site, or email Tim Fountain.


Ideas for the Wiki's interface

How to fix many of the interface issues

1. Install Stylish for Firefox 2. Restart Firefox 3. Go to the improved style and click the Load into Stylish-button. 4. Resize the text to suit your comfort-level You're done :)

You can also right-click on the Stylish icon in the bottom right of the browser window and select Find styles for this page to view all available styles for the CSS-discuss Wiki

Edit Tips links from edit view: A link to Editing Tips from the edit page would be very useful for looking up wiki syntax

Font readability: This Wiki would look a lot better in a sans-serif font. An alternate serif sheet could be used for printing. You will get more people updating the pages if it looked cooler and not like something designed by a programmer :-) -- Little Dave

I have directed people here and they've come back "serif font?? I'm not reading that", which is a shame imo. Something in the top right under "home" would do the trick. -- DougBTX
I thought ((Serif)) fonts were supposed to be easier to read.
I thought that Serif is better for print, but Sans-Serif is better for screen.

User name as Wiki Word : The user preferences template page needs to have a note suggesting the user name be input as a Wiki Word . (Also recorded in Css Wiki Bugs)

Search box at top: could we move, or duplicate, the search box at the top of the page please? Just under the monospaced css-discss would be a good place.

Page title as link: it is not at all clear without experimentation that the page title is actually a link to find all the pages which link to the current page. It might be a good idea to provide some kind of visual cue to draw people's attention to this useful feature. Perhaps a background hover colour or underline, or explicit text (eg. "find all pages that link to this page")

Category links: Related to "page title as link", above, please consider adding a link in any page whose page name starts with "category" to the reverse index page. For example, "Find pages in the Home Page Category.", linked to Category Home Page" would be appropriate on Category Home Page. This would make the use of categories as a mechanism for newbies much more accessible.

New Site Check button: I've just tried adding a Site Check and found it extraordinarily cumbersome, which may be why it's not getting used. Can we have a New button on the Site Check Please page. Keith Underdown

The site check page doesn't get used much (at all?) - perhaps it should be removed? Hadley Wickham
Paragraphs are not

aragraphs: Other Wikis generate paragraphs, i.e. p elements, automatically when encountering blank lines or the start of a new block element. This one however uses multiple brs instead. Overall the generated mark-up is worse than it should be on an web-design related site. Indented paragraphs do not space out: When you type multiple indented paragraphs after eachother (e.g. 2 paragraphs starting with the : sign) they are mashed together vertically. See the two paragraphs below. -- Sander Marechal

paragraph 1
paragraph 2

RSS Feed breaks on unescaped ampersand

Upon editing my "own" Wiki Page, I used an ampersand character in the description (summary) for the changes. The RSS feed doesn't convert this to an & entity, which breaks the XML-wellformedness.

-- Chriztian Steinmeier 2002.Dec.09

Document History not complete

When viewing the document history for nearly every wiki page I am only able to see the most recent version in the table that is supposed to include all of the prior versions. It appears as though the previous versions of the page are not saved. It is clear that many changes have been made to pages (including this one), but the older versions are not available.

Page title as link bug?

When clicking on the page title you are supposedly given an overview of all pages that link to that wiki page. That's not true unfortunately. Today I updated all the references to the old !Css Hacks page and replaced them by {{```(( Css Hack | Css Hacks ))```}}. When I clicked on the title to see if all the references were gone, all the pages remained in the list because they still contained the word ! Css Hacks even though they now linked to Css Hack instead. Could the title link show the actual references instead of search words hits? If not, can we get a page that shows all references to a certain page (basically the reverse of Link Table)?

Preferences template changes

  • needs a note suggesting the user name be input as a Wiki Word

Dealt with

Can't have a Wiki Word with a number in it

There was an attempt to make a page called W3 Schools Faults, but it came out Schools Faults. I've since moved it over to Www Schools Faults. However, it'd be nice if Tavi could be tweaked to support numerics in a Wiki Word . I'd be willing to do the bit of code change, if needed. We just need to make Tavi's Reg Exp ? consider numerics to be lower-case, for the purpose of Wiki Word creation. -- Jeremy Dunck

Strictly speaking, this is probably not a bug and Tavi Wiki Word 's are not intended to have numbers. Or perhaps Tavi treats this the same as TWiki:TWiki/ Wiki Word . I have been unable to find a Tavi page which deals with this question specifically. -- Matt Wilkie 2002.Sept.02
Just wrap the word in double brackets, e.g. (( W3 Schools Faults)) -- ((Tim Fountain))

Recent Changes doesn't show all activity

On at least two occasions I have seen the notice that I've changed pages disapear from the Recent Changes list. I'm not sure but I believe that on both of these occasions the next page edit was to the same section of the same page, by a different user.

The document history is still retained in full.

For example Recent Changes does not show any changes made by Matt Wilkie to Useful Resources between 2002.08.20 and 2002.09.03, yet the [document history] does record my changes on Sept 2. You'll note that Simon Willison made two edits Aug 31 that are also not recorded in Recent Changes.

-- Matt Wilkie 2002.Sept.02

I think this is an intended feature. The important thing is that any page that has been edited is listed in Recent Changes (so Wiki regulars can check it and make sure it's OK). There's no point in listing a page twice on the Recent Changes list even if has been edited twice - provided the most recent edit is listed someone is bound to check it out in.

-- Simon Willison 2002.Sept.03

Recent Changes shows dynamic IP addresses instead of Wiki User Name

It seems that people who have dynamic IP's assigned each login session don't have their Wiki User Names listed when they make changes; I figure that each User Name may be locked into association with whatever dynamic IP was first used. -- Earl Cooley 0301.09

It turns out that you now have to change Preferences to add your User Name to Recent Changes entries; don't know when this behavior changed -- Earl Cooley 0301.13

Get rid of Front Page designation: Every time I see that I think of the terrible Microsoft product.

I also dislike MSFP but Front Page is a useful phrase, if we use it like it's supposed to be used we can, over the course of time, reclaim this useful designation --Matt Wilkie
some wikis call their front page "Welcome Visitors" or "Home Page"
It's fine, don't worry about it. The name is good. (And they say FP isn't as bad as it was, so who gives a monkey anyway?) -- DougBTX


Is this a bug?

||A||B||C|| || ||2||||

||A||B||C|| || ||2||||

Expected was a similar behavior as in this example.

||A||B||C|| ||||2|| ||


||||2|| ||

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