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Wiki Markup for CSS

As documented on Css Support Wiki Features : Css Support , some Wiki Engines may support CSS (full, direct style instructions, or just some pre-defined classes) in pages. That is, support for CSS in Wikis wouldn't do much harm, unlike allowing bare HTML in Wikis; but then it gives back the long lost power of making content visually appealing.

supported by following Wiki Ware :


general support for CSS

This idea falls in the category of Standardized Style Names - agreed on general CSS constructs for Wiki Ware . This was useful for building Wiki: Inter Wiki and accessing the HTML Wiki Wiki Web frontend using Meat Ball : Wiki Gateway and others to separate a sites template from the actual page content (for transfering it, when no Meat Ball : Xml Rpc To Wiki is available or so).

For example:

  • a standardized class= or id= name to separate the real content of a page from the layout fluff (including site logo and "Edit this document" link), such as "bodyContent" in Media Wiki .
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