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Validating for correct syntax

When trying to write a page using CSS for positioning, you are likely to find the layout behaving in odd ways you don't understand. Any number of strange behaviours can be triggered in various browsers if there are syntax errors in your (X)HTML or CSS code. Perhaps you have missed out a closing tag in your HTML or a required semicolon in a stylesheet - either of these errors can cause serious problems with your layout. The solution is to validate your mark-up and stylesheets, which will eliminate these problems.

Validating for W3C Standards

Valid HTML documents begin with a doctype declaration which tells the browser what version of the HTML mark-up language you are using. This enables the browser to interprate it correctly. In a valid document, only elements and attributes supported by the HTML version declared in the doctype are used. An excellent article on this subject, entitled 'Liberty! Equality! Validity!' by CSS-d fuhrer and all-round good egg Eric Meyer , may be found here: http://devedge-temp.mozilla.org/viewsource/2001/validate/index_en.html

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