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Jump to: navigation, search Travis Seitler (sIt-luhr) is formerly a freelance web designer, but presently Gemstone Publishing's Disney Comics Art Director. He has a few projects in development (which will be listed as they become available), as well as a few table-based designs that are a cause for embarassment (and will never be listed).

Oh come now, I listed my cause for embarrassment on my page. -- Jeremy Dunck
Okay... take a gander at Rudy's Limousine Service, Inc. This design is circa 1998/1999, during an internship with a "web billboard firm". You can also visit The Diamond Bookshelf if you think you can handle the myriad of dark Frontpage evils... but don't say I didn't try to stop you. -- Travis Seitler

When not at his job, Travis can usually be found with his wife, Nicole, and brand-spankin'-new daughter, Katie Grace.

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