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Top Style - a CSS and XHTML editor.

Website: License: Shareware Price: $79.95

Top Style is a very useful CSS and XHTML editor.


  • Auto-Completion - If you have ever used Homesite for HTML editing, you'll know what I mean. Top Style helps you fill in the blanks based on what you have, or what you'd like. This enables very fast prototyping of CSS style sheets and XHTML documents.
  • Internal preview with both Internet Explorer and Netscape 7 (Gecko)
  • Many color selection features: you can find harmonious matching colors for a particular color, use a Paintshop style "dropper" to choose a color from a page or image, and browse different color palettes, such as the browser-safe palette.
  • An easy to use interface, where the most useful and easy to use features float to the top, while the more advanced ones remain accessible, yet out of the way.
  • Built in CSE HTML validator / spell check


  • Price: $79.95. (Does drop to 49.95 if you get 500+ copies though!)

Note: affiliates can give discounts, search for topstyle pro 3 discount on google and see what comes up.

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