To Wiki Or Not To Wiki

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When to Wiki, When to Discuss

Do you have a question to ask or tip to impart and are not sure where to post it?

To Discuss

  • is the information time sensitive? (e.g. next week it won't matter anymore)
  • need a quick and timely response?
  • have a specific question?
  • carry on a conversation, explore a thread?
  • you heard "never use a DIV if you can use an ID instead" but don't know if it's true?
  • are you distracted by the name "Wiki"?

To Wiki

  • is the information relatively timeless? (e.g. six months from now will people still be reading it?)
  • is it hard-won information others should know about? be able to bookmark?
  • would it fit in an FAQ?
  • is it a tip or a howto?
  • does it belong in the collective bookmarks?
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