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Thread Mode - a wiki page [displayed | organized] as a conversation. Most people understand this mode very easily as >90% of the discussion fora on the net follow some kind of thread mode convention. There are at least four ways you can contribute to a page in thread mode:

1. You can ADD a comment furthering the conversation. Please sign your comments like this, especially when writing in the first person. -- Matt Wilkie

2. You can EDIT older comments signed by others to improve the flow. Rearranging, merging and editing comments is a real contribution to communication if done with care and respect. But Rather than edit something with which one disagrees, perhaps changing its meaning, the Wiki: Wiki Master will draw a line and comment below the line ... in Wiki: Concept Destruction

3. If you see several conversations going at once, you can SPLIT them apart, putting all comments about a given subject on their own page. Leave a short summary with the name of the new page in the old page.

4. If comments seem to be converging then prepare for Wiki: Pattern Mode by suggesting single paragraph patterns that CAPTURE the ideas present in the discussion. These are better anonymous or collectively signed so that all contributors know they are welcome to fine tune them.

Thread Mode comments are usually shorter than Document Mode ones. If you find yourself writing a long reply, consider writing it in document mode, or even making it the Opening Statement of a brand new page (with back and forth links to the original page, of course).

Sources: Wiki: Thread Mode , TWiki:Codev/ Thread Mode

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