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A quick and dirty list of bookmarklets you may want to use for CSS hacking

Squarefree.com Jesse Ruderman's bookmarklets are very useful, particularly his Web development ones.

  • I do recommend his "Test Styles" bookmarklet, which is a joy to use. To see in real time how the rules you are currently typing affect the displayed page. It really looks like magic!
  • The "View style sheets" does exactly what is says, displaying linked and embedded style sheets.

Please note that Mozilla and Netscape 7.x are recommended to use Jesse's work, but some bookmarklets may also work in IE and Opera.

Tantek.com On the other side, you should consider Tantek's Favelets, which are not as powerful as Jesse's, but they are compatible with IE/Mac and its Tasman rendering engine.

Pixy Petr Stanicek has compiled a page with a selection of the best bookmarklets from various sources, including his home made thingies. I highly recommend it.

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