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I'd like to see this article updated to clean up the layout errors (which sort of negates your claim) and please also improve the examples. This is a worthy discussion but, is far from complete. The ease of table structure html is comparable to html lists and with simple tab ordering overcomes objections to information flow. Indeed most complex sites using div and content written from script, or re-ordered in layout by css are typically the worst in terms of degradation. And unless you're talking about a cell count exceeding 100, there is no significant ding to page performance when using tables over divs. Consider also user experience for editors of existing content. Legacy pages are typically simple for anyone to scan viewing source; not so for modern feature-layered sites, where content editors now need Content Management System interfaces or often resort to copying content from the browser screen and transfer to a text editor and start over. So, for those of you who forgot what KISS means...

Well, this is a WIKI and since you seem knowledgeable and energetic enough, have at it. I'm sure the community would benefit greatly from your input. -- Bfunk (talk) 22:40, 14 May 2010 (UTC)

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