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What you're looking for often has been said before by another list member. The trouble is finding it in the archives.

  • Google Search. Type " search terms", replacing "search terms" with whatever terms you want to search for. For instance, if you wanted to search for "IE gap," you would enter " (IE OR Internet Explorer) gap". Note that this searches the public archives, found at, which are not quite as complete as the private ones. However, this is the easiest way to search by keyword, so it is recommended. Don't bother using the built-in search function on the public archives page -- it's very poor.

The CSS-Discuss private archives are found at

  • Browser Search. Visit the CSS-D Archives page. Choose to view an individual month sorted by subject, thread, author, or date. This results in a web page digest where you can use your browsers find feature to locate your search.
  • Text Editor Search. Visit the CSS-D Archives page. Choose a month to search and using the browser's Save Link Target As feature click on the "Gzip'd Text" link (on Macintosh the contextual menu command is Control + Click). Open the text archive in a text editor to use advanced search features.
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