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The quirks rendering mode is the Rendering Mode where a browser tries to handle sloppy code in the way that they did in the mid- to late 90's. Basically, the browser purposefully imitates the lax parsing, rendering, and bugs in earlier browser versions so that they render the old, quirkily coded pages exactly the same as they used to. This mode can be activated by the Doctype Switch .

The quirks that are reproduced when using the Quirks Rendering Mode is too long to mention, but some of the more significant ones are:

  • Mozilla 1.1
  • IE 6.0
    • width property includes border-width and padding
    • font-size:small = default font size
    • Colors not beginning with # accepted
    • Unitless numbers interpreted as px
    • width:auto and margin:auto not supported
    • body element represents canvas
    • body's background-color treated as html's background-color
  • Opera 7
    • Colors not beginning with # accepted.
    • Unitless numbers are interpreted as px (pixels).
    • Opera 7.0 becomes case-insensitive for CSS class and ID selectors.
    • CSS size and position properties with a space between the number and the unit accepted.
    • CSS class and ID selectors starting with a number are allowed.
    • The HTML 'tr' element doesn't have a 'height' attribute. Opera allows this attribute in Quirks Mode.
    • Width property includes border-width and padding (MS Box Model - Opera 7 actually implements CSS3 declarations to switch box model, and does so automatically in quirks mode)
    • The CSS properties 'margin-left' and 'margin-right' are subtracted from the width of containing box when computing percentage widths.
    • Font-size:small = default font size.
    • Inline elements with a specified width are replaced by an inline block.
    • CSS properties fail to be inherited into tables.
    • Overflow:visible expands the box instead of allowing the content to flow outside its dimensions.
    • Opera Doc Type documentation
    • See here for more information - Information on Quirks mode in Opera
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