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Stylesheets for projection

This document describes some of the issues concerning the use of CSS for projection devices (media="projection"). See also Media Stylesheets for practical media stylesheet strategies.

The Opera browser is unique (to the best of my knowledge) in providing support for this medium. Opera invokes any media="projection" stylesheets when the user switches into full-screen mode (the assumption being that they may also be outputting to a projector).


Here are several examples that demonstrate the potential of the medium in CSS:-

Phil Burns has written Quickshow. It's a utility for creating presentations, again exploiting Opera's ability to support projection stylesheets.

Cookiecrook has developed a training course in accessible Web design using both print and projection stylesheets.

Like Cookiecrook, I've developed a training course (not on-line, I'm afraid) using a single HTML file plus handwritten screen, projection and print stylesheets which provide: (1) the course Web site; (2) the slide presentation; (3) the course notes. No Powerpoint involved! The huge advantage is that the three media are always in synch, so maintenance is very easy. Also, the total filesize is perhaps 20 times smaller than the equivalent Powerpoint file, and attendees can read and print the material post-course in any browser (not just Opera) without needing Powerpoint or the Powerpoint viewer.

Several of Eric Meyer's presentations use Opera Show . All of the "presentation file" links on Eric's Talks from November 2002 forward make use of it, and one or two from before then do as well.

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