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Owen runs a technical team at an ad agency by day and by night works for a handful of Internet-related groups pressing for social and political change. In addition to being a director and trustee of mySociety, Owen is a founding and current member of the advisory council to the Open Rights Group, helped found NO2ID and Fax Your MP.com, used to co-ordinate Stand.org.uk and has worked with Make My Vote Count . He can usually be found wasting what he laughably calls "free time" playing with Flickr and contributing to the Owen Blacker Wikipedia projects, which might explain why he still hasn't got round to making himself a website.

Owen is now middle management, so has less call for digging up his CSS skills. He's still a bit of a standards-fascist, but tends to get narked off with browsers being imperfectly standards-compliant and tends to evangelise on XHTML, CSS and accessibility . Until 2006, Owen was a Senior Developer at Wheel, working with Francois Jordaan and spanning the bridge between front-end and back-end development.

Living and working in London (the original one, in England, not the one in Ontario!) and with no homepage and only an infrequently-updated blog (because he can never quite motivate himself to find the time), Owen's not on the css-discuss list (except by proxy, through Francois), as he gets too much email already and sulks about these things  :o)

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