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Mac OS X web browser. Earlier versions (before 4.5) had truly lousy CSS support. Information about the CSS capabilities of Omni Web is available only at

Versions 4.5 and higher use Apple's Web Core library for rendering. Version 4.5 has essentially identical CSS support to Safari 1.0. As such, it is the only way users of Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) can check how a page would look in Safari 1.0. The vast majority of Omni Web users are now using at least version 4.5. (According to logs of some Mac-oriented sites, pre-4.5 versions of Omni Web are less than 1% of Omni Web usage.) Therefore the (lack of) capabilities of old versions of Omni Web should not hold back CSS usage.

Omni Web Version 5 has been announced. A beta is due in February 2004.

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