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My Useless & Ramshackle Brain

Fascinated by the use of CSS and how it can be use to give information a design. How to make information attractive; how to bring the message to the viewers in the most pleasant way; and open way.

At the moment I'm still studying. I'm now graduating at the EMMA course at the HKU ( )

For more personal information check:

You may be interested in XsL, if you're interested in translating "pure" information into presentation. It addresses some limitations that CsS has. It's still a ways off from widespread browser support, but it'll open up basically any XML format being renderable for the browser. Interesting future, that... -- Jeremy Dunck
- I've read about it, but still haven't found the time to actually study it :D My interest though is not only from practical point of view, but also includes the philosofical thinking behind information and how it can reach masses through intuitive presentation(s)
Then you may wish for a career as an Information Architect .
- Well :D ... I've already written a letter to my mentor about this whole problem I'm in; I'm now finding out that the study I'm doing at this moment is a bit too practical for me. Not that I don't like it, but I miss the research in it. Never heared about a study for Information Architect by the way; but I'm thinking of following some classes with Communication Science.

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