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Site Check Please

I've been lurking and reading for several months, and have reached a point on this project where I need some assistance with two specific issues of this page (at least initially).

  • On IE for Windows, the scroll bar is often covered up by the header information - but not for Firefox or Opera. An example page that shows this is

  • As I zoom into the page using any of the browsers, I'm trying to get all the elements to scale at the same rate - currently if you zoom out in IE, the page title "Jean-Michel Guldmann: Publications" in the page above) starts to tuck under the masthead/navigation. I've tried to use em spacing throughout the CSS, but something must not be aligning correctly.
  • Other more minor questions exist (how to get the second level menu to right-align in IE Windows, the footer getting too small for the main content column at small zooms, etc) but the two above are the biggest right now.

Thanks a bunch, Matt Bernhardt

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