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Starting in 1997, Apple bundled a version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer with the Macintosh OS8.1-9.x, OSX 10.2(?). This happened about MacIE version 3.01, though there were other versions long before this. Five years later, their contract expired, allowing Apple to release their own browser, Safari. The final versions released are:

  • 5.2.3 for OSX
  • 5.1.7 for OS9
  • 4.01 final 68k (non-PowerPC) version of MacIE

A few things of note to CSS developers:

Though made by the same company, MacIE & WinIE had separate development teams. Thus, CSS does act differently in both platforms, even with same version numbers. West Civ has some good charts make checking differences easier.

Mac only accounts for about 2-4% of the overall internet traffic. Since OSX is bundled with Safari, and AOL for Mac comes with Netscape7.x, IE is used by a smaller percentage of Mac users, so weigh the amount of testing you want to do. It may be a good idea to quick test on an OS9 machine to ensure nothing is broken still.

Why test on OS9? Which versions of OS X don't have IE? 10.1 does.

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