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Tabs through UL/LI Html Element's

webgraphics: CSS Tab Roundup
A bunch of CSS based tabs. Lots of links, so poke around, not much description though.

One-Level Tabs

dive into mark's take on tabs
Looks simple, semi-hackish though. Near the end shows some more complex examples.
SimpleBits' tabs
Fairly simple, nice look, doesn't break a lot of new ground, but good starting point. Simple CSS, doesn't appear to have any hacks.
Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers
More from SimpleBits.
CSS Tabs 2.0
From Joshua Kaufman
Sliding Doors Part I and Sliding Doors Part II
A technique for creating visually stunning interface elements with simple, text-based, semantic markup at A List Apart.
From Gavin Kistner
Navigation Matrix Reloaded
From Superfluous Banter
Making Tabs with CSS
Exploring techniques of making page navigation and content navigation tabs with pure css from

Nested Tabs

Kalsey's CSS Tabs
Nested tabs using multilevel unordered lists. Submenus shown are based off the class attribute for the body tag, so the menu HTML is identical on all pages. Tested and bulletproof in recent versions of all major browsers.
silverorange tabs
Updated and now nested tabs that expand and contract with text-size and have nested submenus.
UL tab menu
From Roger Johansson
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