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Making menus with UL and LI Html Element's.

  • Easy Menu Semantically correct list based menus with CSS and DOM. Even works on IE Mac 5!
  • CSS design: Taming lists - Great article about what you can do with HTML lists and CSS. (Lots of ideas.)
  • A couple of menu scripts that use HTML lists, CSS and DOM:
  • Brothercake accessible menu - The most accessible drop-down menu from Brothercake.
  • Uberlinks CSS Rollover Menu - A clear tutorial from PVII on using lists to make an image swapping menu. Includes a method for automatically highlighting the current page. Menu examples include both vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • List-O-Matic - Pick your options, type in your links, and voila! Valid HTML and CSS is generated for you. Please check out this excellent online tool.

CSS Drop Down Menus

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