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  • I am a software developer in Dallas, TX, USA.
  • I have experience with VB6, OOP, a web-related menagerie, a SQL assortment, a bit of XML, and a hint of C++.
  • I aspire to (somehow) make a living as a productive Free Software (that's free as in speech, not free as in beer) developer, and as a web standards evangelist...and not just the sexy ones.
  • I hope to some day get my "some day" project list down to something managable. That darned Pickle Jar just isn't big enough.


  • I was born in California, in 1976. We moved to Texas when I was 8. I still miss it.
  • I am happily married, and (happily) without children.
  • I like to play billiards, exercise, and have intelligent arguments.


  • Interstate Batteries Not responsible for site markup or inaccessibility. I try to change it.
  • My site ...If I every do anything worthwhile here, I'll let you know. :(

Coming Soon (Soon being a weaselly and non-obligatory term):

  • Standards Philosophy
  • Creating Demand for CSS support
  • CSS Tools

Here's where I stand on the question of whether To Hack Or Not To Hack : I am against CSS hacks (even ones that validate). I believe that the reason that bad standards implementations take so long to fix is that people work around them. The public perception is that there's nothing wrong with the browser, as sites continue to hobble along. Any site which doesn't work its butt off to be cross-browser is seen to be at fault.

The whole friggin' point of these standards is so that we -don't- have to worry about this stuff. We, the developers, are the crutch that allows browser implementors to claim there is no market demand for a good standards implementation.

Editors like Style Master and Top Style are great because they allows you to pick backwards-compatibility level, and warn you when you use features not in a given browser. But imagine if there were dependable browser support for a given standard, and you didn't have to be bothered by what doesn't work, because it simply does.

We might be able to abstract into marking sections of rendered markup with stylistic notation, and alter its rendering with a much more friendly UI. This is only one (perhaps bad) example of a higher abstract, and therefore higher productivity that might be possible. Really, right now, what end-user can manage to write a workable stylesheet without first learning the language, in detail?

We are our own roadblock in the implementation of tools which abstract us from these details, because we support the bad implementations.

It might shock or surprise you that it was never intended that web publishers should have to write their own code. It was hoped that editors would be capable of abstracting the fact that that big text at the top right is an H2, and the small monospace stuff in the middle is a code block. But bad implementations killed that dream.

Now, I realize that sometimes, you've got a deadline to meet, or whatnot. I understand that sometimes a workaround is needed. I understand that a perfect implementation of any given standard may never happen.

But has anyone looked at the code for Lycos XHTML or the Rounded Corners? To quote Mark Pilgrim "Why is this progress?"

What I'm suggesting is that anyone that can possibly afford not to use hacks, not do so. Send a clear message that we are using standards, and that they are needed, and that they aren't being properly supported.

JGD Coming Soon

  1. Update Browser Selection with contents of reply, "Determining Browser Type", Dec 28.
  2. Fill in Mime Type
  3. Expand comment regarding Selector Specifity on page Classes Vs Ids, which was made Sun, 22 Dec 2002 10:36:58.
  4. Review some Useful Resources to (hopefully) encourage reader feedback on the usefulness of them.
  5. Selector Specificity , as referenced in Classes Vs Ids
  6. Css Cascade , as referenced by Rendering Mode .
  7. Translate email w/ subj "Re: [css-d] Font size at 110% of what?" into explanation of relative units, and their calculation.

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