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Who is this guy?

Jay Allen is a world-famous information architect, web developer, writer and photographer. He is also highly delusional. However, in his moments of modesty, he will be the first to admit that he would give his left-arm (n.b.: right handed) to be any one of the four.

Jay has been developing websites since back when you could name them all off of the top of your head. He has served in the capcities of Web Master (back when that was cool), Junior/Senior systems adaministrator, Internet coordinator, Sr program engineer, Tech team manager, Project manager, Product manager, Director of technical operations, Director of technology and Chief technical officer and still has all of the business cards to prove it.

He loves a good challenge and yet, oddly, loathes Internet Explorer.

He also doesn't touch visual design with a ten foot pole as evidenced by his website at http://www.jayallen.org

Messages to and from Jay

(These will be cleaned up periodically...)

Why have you removed links to http://www.css-stuff.com/browser_bugs.html with the edit summary "link to css-stuff.com plagiarized material removed"? A link to another site is not plagiarism. I am restoring them. -- Tar Quin

No a link to another site is not plagiarism. However, when the linked site is nothing but plagiarized material used as trawling bait for porn sites visitors, I see no reason that it should be linked from the CSS-Wiki. See http://www.jayallen.org/journey/2003/07/the_seedy_side_of_css for details.

If you would like to link to the original (COPYRIGHTED) material, the links are here. Do what you like... I already did the right thing once... -- Jay Allen

Ah. I see. I'll go back and take them out again. Sorry. -- Tar Quin (PS: the hover boxes in the links on your site are really cool!)

No problem. I wasn't clear in my comment. Sure wish we had a Talk feature like Wikipedia... By the way, the tooltip titles come from here. I love em too... Hmmm, now what should I do with all of this commentary on my user page... *lol* Ha! There... Fixed it...

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