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The text below was copied verbatim from Inter Wiki , I have pared the list down to just the ones which are topical or potentially useful to this wiki. To enable a broken Inter Wiki entry simply remove the Template:*``` (an asterisk and 3 back ticks) from the beginning. I added the list just so that links like Wiki: Document Mode would work.

Inter Wiki links allow you to link to pages on other wikis, as well as several other sites, such as Dictionary:click.

To create a link to another wiki, type the name of the wiki, followed by a colon, followed by the name of the page on that wiki. Examples:

  • Wiki: Extreme Programming
  • Google:hamsterdance
  • Thesaurus:discuss
  • Acronym:html
  • CSS:border-top (for definitions in the CSS 2.1 index)
  • HTMLE:ABBR (for elements)
  • HTMLA:enctype (for attributes)

The Inter Wiki database is controlled by each Wikki Tikki Tavi community. Following the pattern given below, new entries may be added to the Inter Wiki database. Each line must be written exactly as below, starting with "Template:```*", followed by the remote site's nickname, followed by the base URL to use for that wiki. When you save this page, the database will automatically be updated.

See also Wikki Tikki Tavi: Sister Wiki .

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