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IE7 bug database

Internet Explorer Feedback [1] is a bug reporting system (FAQ at IE blog [2]). The site is closed.

IE7 beta, 'release candidate' builds and final release

Help | About Internet Explorer -> Version

build date

Final version was released on 18 October 2006.

Wikipedia's release history [3]

CSS Bugs

  • Position Is Everything's list of Internet Explorer bugs [4]

CSS Filters and Hacks

  • *+html hack - targets just IE7 [5]
  • *|html hack - excludes IE7 and IE6 [6]
  • Fuzzy specificity + CSS3 selector hack [7]
  • Comment as extra space to break selector (eg. p/**/#t2) [8]
  • The "Triple-X CSS hack" exclusively for targeting IE7 [9] (NB. also affects iCab 3)
  •'s list of CSS filters (no longer available at original site -- see the Internet Archive instead [10])

Conditional Comments

  • Version Vector : According to Microsoft, IE7 Beta 2 expects a conditional comment of [if IE 7.0b]. Therefore, it's probably better to use [if lte IE 6] for targetting IE6 and lower. The release candidate (and the final version) are targetted by [if IE 7.0]

List-item whitespace bug has been fixed in RC1 (release candidate version)

  • This old bug is still around in Beta 2. (along with absolute positioning bugs on the left nav...) (hmmm - seems fixed in the final release but maybe I'm just not seeing what the problem is supposed to be?)
  • I posted a test case and workaround on this. The trick is to set widths to the elements displayed as blocks.[11]
  • The bug seems fixed in RC1.

The @import rule

  • 3 Level Nested Import Statement Restriction IE [12]
  • @import stylesheet driven sites have no a:hover. This bug is in the beta2 preview, but has already been fixed by Microsoft: "people reported that :hover would not work from an @import. That's a bug and already fixed in our builds." --Markus [MSFT] ([13]). Can be resolved in the beta by embedding #fubar a:hover {float: inherit;} in the head of the affected documents [14].

Fuzzy Specificity Bug

The fuzzy specificity bug that affects IE and Opera 7.54 and under, documented here [15], is still present in IE7 final release.

CSS Properties


  • the origin of the background, background-position: 0 0; refers to the padding edge or on the border edge, depending on the Has Layout status of the element [16]
  • background images get lost on multi line inline links (old problem) [17]


  • CSS 'transparent' border color still not supported; border colors set to 'transparent' are rendered instead as the font color (default is black) in IE7 [18] *** fixed in the beta release of 24 April 2006, version 7.0.5346.5 ***


  • It has been stated that the 'table*' values of the 'display' declaration will *not* be supported. (old problem) [19]


  • Elements with assigned height correctly allow floats to stick out of them, but the protruding part is ignored by the following boxes (new Jan31, Mar20) [20]
  • problem with float + clear on the same element (old, Mar20) [21]
  • The peek-a-boo problem [22] has been corrected, but there are still simple combinations of essaytext with floats and clears that give peek-a-boo like effects (old) [23]

line-height and vertical-align

  • The "line-height/replaced element bug" [24] has been corrected, but when line-heigth is not "normal" then vertical-align doesn't work correctly [25]

min-height, max-height, min-width, max-width

Fixed in Mar20: Is now supported. Works generally well, and does add Has Layout .

position: relative / absolute / fixed

  • a.p. box and lost next margin (old, Jun29) [26]
  • a.p. element with auto offset following a float: wrong static position (old, Jun29) [27]
  • disappearing absolutely positioned divs next to floats (old, Jun29) [28]
  • rtl context: bad rendering of relatively positioned inline box (old, Jun29) [29]
  • Negative top value on position:relative is deducted from border-width of relative positioned ancestor [30]

Fixed in Jun29:

  • position: fixed and absolute fail to shrink-wrap if a child Has Layout , i.e. ul has position: fixed and li has max-width (Mar20) [31]. But when a shrink-wrapping container (because of position: absolute/fixed, or float: left/right) has more children, the ones with hasLayout seem to separately shrink-wrap their content, which is wrong (new) [32]

Fixed in Mar20:

  • horizontal scrollbar due to position: relative on non-layout element (new in IE7b2) [33]
  • a.p. elements (in standards mode pages) have box model problems, causing content to overflow when not necessary (new) [34], [35]
  • a.p. element and wrong relation of percentage width (old) [36]

Fixed in Aug24:

  • absolute positioning inside a relative element needs ' Has Layout ' on the r.p. ancestor to establish a containing block (old) [37]. The problem has been fixed in RC1.


  • z-index on a.p. elements within r.p. parents results in wrong stacking. Any r.p. element that Has Layout establishes a new stacking context (old, Mar20) [38], [39]


Basic Selector Support Tests

These are intended to check whether basic CSS2.1 selector support is present in IE7.

spec link IE7b2
5.2 Selector Syntax PASS
5.2.1 Grouping PASS
5.3 Universal Selector PASS
5.4 Type Selectors PASS
5.5 Descendant Selectors PASS
5.6 Child Selectors PASS
5.7 Adjacent Sibling Selectors PASS
5.8.1 Attribute Selectors PASS (notes 1 & 5)
5.8.3 Class Selectors PASS
5.9 ID Selectors PASS
5.10 Pseudo-Class Combinations PASS (note 2)
5.11.1 :first-child PASS
5.11.2 :link and :visited PASS
5.11.3 :active, :hover, and :focus FAIL (note 3)
5.11.4 :lang FAIL
5.12.1 :first-line FAIL (note 4)
5.12.2 :first-letter PASS
5.12.3 :before and :after FAIL
6.2.1 inherit FAIL

note 1: Almost every test passes; the only exception is the one that tests two attribute selectors being applied at the same time.
note 2: The only part that fails is: active, which IE7 doesn't support.
note 3: Passes :hover; fails :focus and :active. And did anyone notice that IE styles :focus as if it were :active?
note 4: Fails the list item first line test; passes everything else.
note 5: The button[value] selector doesn't work. When value is given a value (e.g. button[value="edit"]) it can make IE7 to close the window without warning

IE7 Compatibility List Support Test

Kelly found:

According to my tests on the selectors, IE7b2 supports:

  • > (Child)
  • + (Direct Adjacent Sibling)
  • ~ (Indirect Adjacent Sibling)
  • [attr] (Basic Attribute)
  • [attr="value"] (Attribute/Value [sort of])
  • [attr~="value"] (Attribute/Spaced Values)
  • [attr|="value"] (Attribute/Hyphen-Sep Values)
  • [attr*="value"] (Attribute Substring Selector)
  • [attr^="value"] (Attribute Starting String Selector)
  • [attr$="value"] (Attribute Ending String Selector)
  •  :hover
  •  :first-child

It doesn't support:

  •  :focus
  •  :active
  •  :lang
  • Any CSS3 selector other than mentioned above.

Note that when I say "supports" and "doesn't support", I mean when compared to IE6. So what is supported in IE6 should be supported here (I haven't tested things like :first-line and :first-letter, though).

Also, form elements seem to show strange bugs with the selectors. Need more research on this.

(Kelly: I used Dean Edwards IE7 compatibility list to test these selectors. Obviously, the Javascript library was off.)

pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements

Microsoft links

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