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In SGML (and thus HTML and XML), a document's structure is defined in a Document Type Definition (DTD).

In these DTD's, the components, called elements, comprising a certain type of document are defined. The DTD also defines how each of these components relate to each other (i.e., which components can contain other components, components that are required, and which components another can contain among other things).

An HTML element is one of these components, commonly referred to as "tags", that are defined in the HTML DTD. Thus <b>, <hr>, <p>, are all HTML elements.

So HTML elements have particular quirks or interesting things that can be done with them using CSS. Use the category link to find them on this wiki.

The HTML element itself

The actual element "HTML" is the root of an HTML document. Technically, adding a style to the HTML element is forbidden, but browsers allow it. Sometimes doing so is necessary; see, for example, the Star Html Hack.

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