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To start this page off, some suggestions and comments were sifted from the Css Discuss List archives. If I incorrectly attributed a comment or was too zealous in my editing please correct. Jump to the bottom of to see how this page works -- Matt Wilkie


Recommended Books On CSS

  • Beginning CSS: Cascading Stylesheets for Web Design; Richard York; "Wrox Press (Wiley Publishing) - 2005"; 0764576429
    • A book for beginning web developers who want to use CSS and are familiar with HTML. Good extensive overview of CSS and cross-browser compatibility of code. Helpful summary at the end for ongoing reference. -- Edith Karnitsch
  • Bulletproof Web Design : Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS; Dan Cederholm; "New Riders - 2005"; 0321346939
    • Follow-up to Web Standards solutions - a wonderful book explaining how to create flexible CSS layouts that don't break when users resize fonts. -- Chris Heilmann
  • Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web (2nd Edition); Hakon Wium Lie & Bert Bos; Addison-Wesley - 1999; 0201596253
    • A thorough overview and history of the CSS specification, written by the authors of the CSS specification.
    • The authors put their money on the line by formatting this book with Prince, a CSS HTML --> PDF formatter from Yes Logic, in which Lie has an interest.

  • Cascading Style Sheets: Separating content from style; Briggs, Champeon, Costello & Patterson; glasshaus - 2002; 1904151043
    • It gives a good understanding of the way document flow works, also it has a great troubleshooting section. -- Peter Williams
    • in depth technical explanations of CSS with particular attention played to using CSS for an excellent explanation of the box model and a very useful chapter on getting CSS across different browsers. -- Simon Willison
  • Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide; Eric A. Meyer; O'Reilly - 2000; 1565926226
    • It covers css1 throughly and gives a preview of css2. Frankly I only use css1 anyway, because most viewers don't use browsers that will correctly render css2. Cutting edge is not always best. -- Louis Andrews
  • Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition; Eric A. Meyer; O'Reilly - 2004; 0596005253
    • Throughly covers CSS2 and CSS 2.1. The book lives up to its title. -- Larry Israel
  • CSS Hacks and Filters : Making Cascading Stylesheets Work; Joseph W. Lowery; John Wiley and Sons - 2005; 0764579851
    • Again, it is what it claims to be - a great collection of all the CSS hacks and Filters found and discussed over the years. A bit too promising in the "accessibility" chapter, but all in all this can save you hours of surfing and reading through comments and mail threads. -- Chris Heilmann
  • CSS: The Missing Manual; David Mc Farland; O'Reilly - 2006; 0596526873
    • Complete coverage of CSS, from the very basics of writing sound X/HTML and creating stylesheets to advanced discussions of inheritance, the cascade, CSS-based layout, and overcoming browser bugs. Includes over 100 pages of hands-on tutorials. -- Dave Mc Farland
  • Designing CSS Web Pages; Christopher Schmitt; New Riders - 2002; 0735712638
    • My book about CSS is primarly geared for designers, but it's also aimed at beginners who want better design control over their Web page presentations. It also covers the role of CSS in Dynamic HTML (DHTML), as well as combining it with PNG and SVG. -- Christopher Schmitt
  • Designing With Web Standards; Jeffrey Zeldman; New Riders - 2003; 0735712018
    • About a third of the book is spent on the standards evangelism, and the rest goes through the process of converting a site to XHTML/CSS step by step. In terms of CSS skill, it assumes that you know nothing going in and it ends more or less where Eric Meyer on CSS begins. -- Stephanie Leary
  • Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design; Eric A. Meyer; New Riders Publishing - 2003; 073571245X
    • hands on and creative - it consists of 13 projects each highlighting different CSS techniques. -- Simon Willison
  • More Eric Meyer on CSS; Eric A. Meyer; New Riders Publishing - 2004; 0735714258
    • Consists of 10 projects, each highlighting different CSS techniques.
  • Professional CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design; Various; Wrox Press - 2005; 0764588338
    • Professional CSS is what is says on the cover - a step by step explanation how some big web sites have been (re)designed using CSS. Good for "tricks of the trade". a bit lacking in CMS issues explanations -- Chris Heilmann
  • Web Standards Solutions; Dan Cederholm; Friends of ED - 2004; 1590593812
    • Considers one element at a time (lists, headings, forms, etc.) and styles each one half a dozen ways before moving on to the next. -- Stephanie Leary
  • the Zen of CSS design: visual enlightenment for the web; Dave Shea and Molly E. Holzschlag; New Riders 2005; 0321303474
    • While a tutorial on web design best practices and techniques, book is not for the beginner level. It focuses on a broader overview of resolving visual problems rather than describing exact details. Great book to ADD to your library though and a big help with CSS and visual design. -- Lynda Peach
  • ...your recommended book here.

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  • Cascading Style Sheets: Why Bother; Dr. Seuss; Non Existant Publishers Ltd.; 9999669999
    • provides a good understanding of how document flow works, a great troubleshooting section, and a decent example green eggs & ham layout -- Matt Wilkie
    • I didn't care for the layouts but found the cross-referenced index useful


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