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Footer positioning information

Faking fixed positioning

In non-IE browsers and IE7, creating the appearance of an HTML frame is easy: set the element you want to "stick" to the window to "position: fixed" and give it whatever top, left, bottom, or right values you want to control where it sticks within the viewport. However, fixed positioning doesn't work in WinIE versions 6 or below, so you'll need to either let it degrade gracefully (changing to absolute positioning is a good option for a footer) or hack it. The links below show how to hack a fixed footer in IE 6 and below. Also look at Three Column Layouts for more ideas.

On bottom of page

Similar to above, except footer is always below the content, and at the very bottom of the screen. If there is not enough content to fill the page vertically, the footer sits at the bottom of the window. If there is enough content to fill the page and make it scroll, the footer immediately follows the end of the content as it would in a normal flow.

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