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Originally posted to the CSS list by Jason Ogle, this is a list of fonts that are available to both Mac and PC platforms (in, as Jason calls them, "reasonably default installs" of OSX with Office X and Win2K). I hope this will be of some use to people, as I had to search long and hard for this. :-)

-- In the interest of forward cross-platform compatibility, I took a look at what fonts are shared between two reasonably "default" installs of Win2k (don't have XP) and Mac OS X with Office X (don't know how different the font set is between installing IE and Office).

So, for your typographic pleasure, here's the list:

  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Impact
  • Lucida Console (Lucida Sans Typewriter)
  • Lucida Sans Unicode (Lucida Sans)
  • Palatino Linotype (Palatino)
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana
  • Webdings
  • Wingdings

And, of course, the ever popular Symbol font. (parenthetical font names are Mac correlates of Windows fonts)


Its probably a good idea to avoid any icon fonts (like Symbol, Webdings, and Wingdings). Despite looking like pictures, they are really still letters - and the results of viewing the page without the font (font not on system, user on text browser, user on hand held device, user using screen reader, etc) are not nice.

If you want a picture, use an <img>.

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A list of external resources for common fonts on OS:

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