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Techniques for making a new window open upon clicking a hyperlink are covered in New Window .

Please think twice about whether opening a new browser window is necessary. It's already in the overused tricks list. Even worse, doing so takes control of the browser away from your visitors. Opening a new window is akin to asserting "I, site designer, know better than you, visitor, how to traverse this site."

Be very sure of yourself before making such an assertion. Site designers should make the site help their audience.

Since the ability to open a link in a new window is built into almost every major graphical browser around today, the need to open a link in a new window is less than ever before.

The good arguments above do not necessarily apply, of course, if the hyperlink leads to an offsite page on a different domain. In such a case, it could be considered good practice to make it clear (through the use of a new window) that the page referenced is not a part of the site from which is linked, and that a visit to it might merely be a side excursion more akin to a footnoted reference on a printed page than to a new chapter in a book.

Or, an enlargement of a thumbnail image can be offered which floats above the referencing page.

Indeed, such a new window can be positioned, sized, and stripped of window controls to make clear that it is intended solely as an temporary aside. This is a very different matter than seeking to keep visitors captive even when they have indicated a desire to depart the site which contains the link.

in the first div (column) and the width is 250px. The word does not wrap and does not leave enough room for the second div. The second div ends up going to the bottom of the first div. I found an IE proprietary css item called word-wrap that you can use to make long text wrap.

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