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Designer and Developer Blogs

We can constantly learn about all aspects of web design by following the frequent writings of those people who do this work everyday and share their ideas on their blogs. I'm starting this list with a few of the blogs I follow. The terms "designer" and "developer" are sufficiently broad in my mind to include a lot of blogs and the only way I've found to adequately keep up with them is to subscribe to their RSS feeds. Therefore, my contributions to this list will include their RSS URLs. Plug them into a feed reader, or a browser that recognizes RSS, to get to the content.

This will always be an incomplete list. My first contributions are limited only by the time I have available to get this started. If you don't see one of your favorites, please add it. I encourage others to donate generously.

Designer's Name BLOG title Home URL Feed URL
Eric Meyer Thoughts From Eric
Jeffrey Zeldman The Daily Report
Zeldman and others A List Apart: for people who make websites
Molly Holzschlag Molly
Dave Shea Mezzoblue
Dan Cederholm Simple Bits
Douglas Bowman Stopdesign
Mike Davidson Mike Davidson
Andy Budd Andy Budd Blogography
Jon Hicks //hicksdesign - journal
Roger Johansson 456 Berea Street
Simon Willison Simon Willison
Emil Stenström Friendly Bit - Web Development Blog
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