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This blog shows a different and unique way of Presentation Skill on the CSS Sheets topic and also clears many narrow points about the topic.

With CSS level 2, it is possible (and preferred) to lay out webpages purely using CSS. In the past, authors used Table Design to lay out pages, but this has significant disadvantages.

To get an idea of what type of design is possible with CSS, view our Show Case or any one of the many Design Inspiration sites out there.

See Css Positioning - a very brief summary of absolute, relative and fixed positioning.

There are different ways to use CSS in laying out pages:-

Deciding between absolute and float layouts, the pros and cons:-

Ready made layouts:-

Footer positioning:-

How to make all columns appear the same height:-

Emulating Frames:-

Newspaper-like layout for more readable text:-

Make a footer appear at the end of a multi-column page using Javascript:-


  • Border Slants : using borders to create the illusion of non-boxed shapes and layouts.
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