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There are occasional complaints on the Css Discuss List that replies to messages go "to the wrong address". By default, replies to the list will go to the individual who sent the message, and not to the list itself. This is not a mistake, the list is not broken, and nothing needs to be fixed. In short, this is an intentional decision. See:

Some mailing lists, of course, do alter the headers so that replies go to the list. People used to these sorts of lists may have some issues adjusting to the different way this list works. I assure you that you can get used to this list's practice fairly quickly.

In case you are curious about the practice of altering list headers (usually called "header munging") and why the list administrators have chosen as they did, here is a long technical explanation. See also: MeatBall:Reply To Munging.

If, after reading those pages, you are still adamant about your point of view, please don't clutter up the list with off-topic questions or rants about it. The folks on the list cannot help you, so don't bug them about an administrative issue. Bug the list administrators, which is the correct venue for list policy change requests in any case.

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