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The css-discuss archive can be found here:


It is fully searchable and contains every message posted since the list's inception back in January 2002. The archive software (Archivist) was written by Simon Willison . Please use this wiki page to report bugs, request new features and discuss possible improvements to the archive functionality.


Todo List

These are items that are confirmed as "on the way" - please do not edit this list

  • Next/Previous buttons to allow users to surf the archive 40 messages at a time
  • Advanced search facility, including the ability to limit a search to a specific time frame and search for messages by a specific author.

Feature Requests

Add feature requests here

  • An RSS Feed would be fantastic. Would there be a problem in restricting it to list members only? Do we NEED to restrict it to list members?

Under Consideration

  • Simon Willison : I am considering adding a general statistics page to the archive, listing things such as the most popular months in the list's history (already available in a pull down menu on the existing archive) and a list of the most prolific posters. I don't know if this feature is worth implementing - does anyone really care ho posts the most messages? Could it encourage spam (unlikely but you never know)?

Bug Reports

  • Some terms are excluded from the "highlight search terms" feature, including "span" and "class". This is deliberate (to avoid a problem with the syntax highlighting regular expression) but should not be necessary and will be fixed at some point.
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