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Broken Pages

Fixed Layouts is missing content and has lost its history, apparantly last edited or vandalized back in February.

Layout for this site

Given that Wikki Tikki Tavi allows customizing the site templates, why doesn't this wiki do some neato CSS stuff? It seems to just use the default templates. -- Evan Prodromou

Important announcements/feedback

I broke the RSS feeds :(

I closed a tag in the description of changes and i think it broke the xml feed page (tag closed but not opened):

(2003.04.30 19:11:00) (history) Caio Hack . . . . Prii Or [fixed typo...</p>]

is there a way to edit this to show:

(2003.04.30 19:11:00) (history) Caio Hack . . . . Prii Or [fixed typo.../p]


(or maybe put a CDATA around the description content to prevent future html in [desc] issues?)

External linking

Moved to External Linking , with Category Wiki .

How to Delete Pages

Tavi: How To Delete Pages What is this Wiki's Expiration Period?

 Answer: somewhere around 2 weeks.  I deleted on 15 Dec, and it was still present as of 27 Dec.  It's now 30 Dec, and it's gone.   - Jeremy Dunck 

Combine the Using pages

There is a lot of information overlap in the pages Using Points , Using Pixels , Using Ems , Font Size , & Force Font Size . I suggest the content of these pages be merged into a single page to reduce redundancy, ease updates, and improve comprehension (it's easier to understand how these topics relate to each other when you can see them all at once). -- Matt Wilkie

Agreed. I don't have time to do a proper job of it now.
A start: Using Font Size -- DougBTX

Two thoughts from my first attempt to use the Wiki: 1) Is it possible to have a pulldown list of the categories to help in filling in the Add Document To Category edit box on the Edit Page form? -- See Category Category 2) When we first create our Preferences we are encouraged to create a user profile. Shouldn't there be a category for them so that we can see at a glance who is contributing? --See Category Home Page

Keith Underdown

Both of these are good ideas, you should add them to Wiki Suggestions , under the Interface heading. I don't know for sure but I think implementing them requires diving into the Tavi code. See Tavi: Tavi Categories -- Matt Wilkie
What I don't want is for the dropdown of categories to be the only way to add a category. That is, you should still be able to edit the Category text box. The original wiki has Wiki: Category Category for this purpose. (possible loss of content) this would require going into Tavi code, and no I'm not afraid to do that. Also, I view user profile pages as just another category for users. Go read the original Wiki: Category Category and let me know if you think that approach sounds good. -- Jeremy Dunck
I've started up Category Category , with an apology if I've missed useful Tavi functionality by not using the "Add doc to cat" textbox. I think a Reverse Index is a pretty effective way to create useful categories. Disagree?


CssFAQ started, with Mozilla Css Mime Type the first link.

Font Size

Why's the BODY font-size set to "small" in stylesheet.css? Answer Needed

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