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Hi -

I really need a check on IE 5.x Win - Thanks very much to anyone who can give some feedback.

This layout is based on the 'One True Layout' article at Position Is Everthing ( ) and also uses the 'jello' sizing technique ( )

Here are a few specific points I am looking for (screenshots from Safari considered correct) :

Basic Page Layout


In IE 5.x, does the footer show up as expected below the content? Are links on the footer clickable? In theory, the "Jello" sizing technique should mean that the page generally some padding and a max width, but I am willing to give that portion up as long as the page is useful.

Search Results

Enter radiocarbon in the 1st field called "Text In Title" and pick the year 2005 for the publication year and hit enter.

In IE 5.x, does the result show up as expected? Is the "more information" link to the left of the result clickable?

Recent Publications List


In IE 5.x, does the navigation show up as expected w/ the dates to the left and the series to the right?


Hey, Not sure on the form for posting to these pages ... the jello stuff I imagine uses the max-width attributes; however, I don't think MSIE understands these. So instead it seems that IE5.5 is using the largest width specified. In any case, I get a very wide layout in IE. HTH pbhj _ A*T _ hot|\/|


Thanks pbhj for the feedback. I'm pleasently surprised that the page might be useful in IE 5.x. I've added some screenshots and notes so I can refine this a bit.

More Comments Welcome... and probably needed before we go live!

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