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Site Check Please

Tested on Opera6/7, Mozilla, IE6 under Windows 2000. Known problems: Opera7: Diocesan logo not floated right, works fine in IE6 and Moz. iMac: (latest browser I assume) navigational links not all working. May be masked by content div in some way.

Should be unstyled in early browsers. No idea about text only browsers, Unuix etc.

Noticed that you have a 'flash of unstyled content' on the page - in IE on windows the unstyled HTML is shown while the style sheet loads - there is a discussion at the last time I looked.


There is something similar in Opera7, the screen shows pink all over before rendering properly. I guess that show's how fast OPera is as the container div is pink and the main content is then laid on top of it.

I've fixed the Opera 7 bug, it was contradictory float rules that Moz and IE took in the opposite order.

Tested on Mac OS X using Lynx Version 2.8.4rel.1 (17 Jul 2001)

Any link with a space in its url does not work. So I can get to the 'Calendar' but not the 'Ringing Contacts'

Also, it might be helpful to have the content appear before the navigation for text only browsers.


IE5.5/Win: layout looks good and resizes well. The only problem I have is that when setting the font size to 'smaller' or 'smallest' the menu text became unreadably small. It should probably be the same size as the body text.

-- Matt Wilkie

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