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Site Check Please:

Two column liquid layout. Development of template.

Tested on Opera6/7, Mozilla, IE6 on W2000 Mac Test would be interested as sister site has problems with links.

Tested on Mac OS X Omni Web 4.1.1 (v424.6) The photo of the boat is surronded by a yellow line that is almost as wide as the center blue area. I'm assuming the line should be tight around the image. Also the Home 'tab' does not have a yellow line around it.

Tested on Mac OS X Mozilla 1.3a (build 2002112008) The red area on the right is only a few pixels wide. It appears to be a two column page (red and blue) should it be two columns (red and blue) or three (red, blue, red)?


The thumbnail description sounds right; there is a small amount of padding that changes colour (but not by very much) on hover, I'll make the hover colour red.

The thin strip of red down the right seems to be needed because of IE rounding errors. If I set the widths to fully use the screen then I lose fluidity in IE. At the moment I can't remember what the difference between the two layouts is that means that I don't get an equivalent pink stripe on the other site. I'll investigate.

The Home tab is interesting - any suggestions as to why?


According to my DNS this site doesn't exist yet. (I'm in Yukon, Canada).

-- Matt Wilkie - 02 Dec 2002

Seems to be taking a long time to propogate! I registered the name over a month ago! Keith

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