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Site Check Please


email: madison -at-

Site Check Please

Check Communimedia

Am very slowly updating this hideous monstrosity to be glorious xhtml+css ... could you check out the top menu, the parts that say "none" should have hover overs and should display pin-up menus when clicked.

Do you notice any weirdness with preloading (or not) of images.


Site Check Please

Check Like Lola

Any problems? There are no tables on the site. just css.

Yes >> Missing link in Get LOLA ... in the left menu !

Site Check Please


On IE5 I am told that the CSS layout is rendering way down on the page. I am unable to test/confirm for myself and am curious to the problem, and solution!

Thanks much I do appreciate, Dennis

Site Check Please

I just updated my site to pure css - no tables. Im getting mixed responses. Some are very happy, others are telling me it is totally unreadable. I think the last ones are mainly IE5 users. Im not able to check this on IE5 myself.

Thanks, pere

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