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Site Check Please

The print stylesheet sort of works - in IE5.5, the content cell (td.content) goes off the edge of the page, but in Opera and Mozilla it doesn't. The h1.printonly (Department Name) doesn't seem to be showing up in Print Preview. I also really need to know if anything bad happens to font sizes or positioning in different browsers. I've used one layout table as the clients' users are still using ie 5 and 5.5, nn4 and even ie3, in significant numbers so I'm required to make it work for those browsers.

In the browsers I've tested: It seems to work okay, have tested in IE6, IE5.5, Mozilla 1.0, Opera 7.52 (all on Windows) and Safari and IE on a Mac. Safari goes yellow on black sometimes after colour change until you resize the text. In NN4, styleswitching buttons are hidden and the javascript is not executed (the other stylesheets aren't available because they're all alternates).

If you disable javascript the buttons don't work but you can select the styles if you have the right browser (eg Mozilla > view > use style) and you can also enlarge the text. If you disable cookies you have to reselect the style when you move to a new page.

Would appreciate any comments.

thanks a lot Maren

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