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This page is a list of all categories in the wiki.

All categories are examples of a Wiki:Reverse Index. Please learn how to use them.  :)

In order to find out more about what's included in a category, go to its page.

Each category page should have (at the bottom) the Wiki Word Category Category .

The following is not necessarily the complete list:




I see that Tavi supports a category structure other than simple a Wiki Word used as a reverse index. It may be that this formal structure is somehow better suited. If so, I am not aware of that benefit. I am sorry if I've muddied the waters on the use of categories, and if the formal category structure that Tavi supports is more useful, then please accept my apologies, and we may need to switch over to that formal structure. Let me know what you think... -- Jeremy Dunck

I think we're ok with the good old categoryfoo style wikiwords. most people will be familiar with them from other wikis. -- Tar Quin
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