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This category is used to track all pages which document browser bugs.

All categories are examples of a Wiki: Reverse Index . Please learn how to use them. :)

There should be a page in the Category Browser Bug for each known browser bug, named as the bug is commonly known, or in some descriptive manner, failing that.

The page should list affected browsers/platforms + versions, and include the Wiki Word Category Browser Bug.

The page should include code to demonstrate the bug, as well as a clear explanation of what exactly is going wrong. If available, suggested workarounds are good.

Known browser bug resources are: - bugs, problems and odd things in IE5 mac - Opera 7 CSS specific issues - this page is gone and there is no redirection. Does it still exist somewhere? - Netscape 4 specific issues (outdated) - Pseudo-elements bug in IE 6 - very minor, not even hack-worthy

If you see a bug that's not already wiki'ed write it up!

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