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This category is for web browsers.

All categories are examples of a Wiki: Reverse Index . Please learn how to use them. :)

Each browser should have its own page. Popular opinion will determine whether multiple pages per browser/version/platform are appropriate.

Each page should include links to notable pages concerning the browser, a short history about the browser, and a summary of features supported.

Each page in this category should include the Wiki Word Category Browser .

Category Category [[! Mozilla User Stylesheets ((IE5.x/win))]]

I'm not sure who added the Recent Changes info above, but I have a couple of opinions on it: 1) that Mozilla User Stylesheets is not a page that belongs in Category Browser , and 2) that keeping track of Recent Changes in this way requires manual maintenance of the Category page, and increases the maintenance cost of Categories in general. I don't think it's worthwhile to attempt this. Perhaps people could maintain their own Recent Changes preferred view on their own Home pages? P.S. Thanks for the example, though.  :) -- Jeremy Dunck
Agreed. -- Tar Quin

name of this category

There is a problem with this category name: it picks up "category browser bug" etc. I think this is a problem -- was it meant to be a feature? I would suggest we change this category to "Category web browser" instead. Opinions? - Tar Quin

Actually, should we in fact have this as Category Client , or have Category Client as well, since we're dealing with Screen Reader ""s too.

Some issues:

  • The category name is problematic, because a category search also catches pages which belong to " Category Browser Bug" -- is this by design?
    • That is a feature of the underlying wiki-engine of Wikki Tikki Tavi. I, as one of the developers of Wikki Tikki Tavi, am thinking about redesigning this aspect/search, so that it's more precise backtracking searches. --Tavi: Even Holen
      • I think it's a useful feature -- it just means we have to be careful in choosing category names. -- Tar Quin
  • what sort of wikiwords do we have for browser pages? there's Netscape Four , but what do we to for things like IE5.x/win ?
    • MsIEsix MsIEfive
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