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User Information

Details forthcoming, but basically: your information will not be shared with nor sold to others.

Posting Privacy (or lack thereof)

css-discuss is a public members-only mailing list. That means that while only members may post to the list, anyone may join. Furthermore, to quote the list policies (as of 15 March 2010):

  • List messages may not be republished in any public forum without the explicit written permission of the original author(s) of the reposted message(s), or else the explicit written permission of the list administrators. This policy applies to automated gateways such as SMTP to NNTP gateways.
  • This list may be publicly archived in its entirety, including e-mail addresses. There is a private archive maintained by the list software, and there is (as of this writing) one sanctioned public archive of the list which strips out e-mail addresses, but there are also (as of this writing) many unsanctioned archives, not all of which anonymize addresses. This is in contradiction to the previous policy point, but this is also the Internet, so there's not much that can be done to stop unauthorized archiving. Post accordingly.
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