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Web design and development for a large corporation's intranet keeps me busy.

In March 2004, we launched a design and code update to our corporate intranet that moves us from the tag soup era into the modern era of web standards. The intranet is a portal for 300,000 employees, seeing approximately 2 million page views per day. The top pages are true portal pages, with 5 to 9 applications/portlets available on each page. Every portal page can be fully customized, allowing people to determine which applications they want on which page and in what order.

Page designs vary form one column to three column. The prevelant browser is (of course) IE, with Mozilla emerging on Linux clients. We're blessed with no longer needing to worry about v4 browsers, but the IE bugs are almost as bad. One of the biggest benefits of the change to web-standards is an HTML bandwidth reduction of just over 45%!

That intranet is where I currently publish. Designing and developing that intranet provides so much "entertainment" that I have not yet felt the need to publish my own internet site. Where is this intranet? It belongs to one of the oldest brands in the computer industry, a brand well known as three letters, and a company that ranks number 8 on Fortune's list.

I keep an email address of bob at eleaston dot com.

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