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Welcome to the CSS-Discuss Wiki

This Wiki is dedicated to real-world (and ideally, browser-neutral) application of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Topics include: techniques for page-layout and special display-effects, testing and validation, workarounds for limitations and bugs, CSS code-editors, beginner and advanced tutorials, and to a lesser extent pure CSS theory, and pure CSS power-demonstrations. Discourse on (X)HTML, DOM, and other webpage- technology areas is not forbidden, but keeping it associated with CSS is encouraged.

CSS-discuss Mailing List

Please read these before posting to the CssDiscussList!

When the list is misbehaving, notify css-d-(nospam)owner@lists.(killspammers) Please use cautiously and modify as needed for use by removing the parenthetical bits in that address.

If you're looking for info about general web or Javascript mailing lists, you can find some in the OffTopic section.

Internet Explorer

  • IE8 - The community is currently testing IE8 for CSS support and problems.
  • IE7 - The community was testing IE7 for CSS support and problems.


CSS References

Specifics, the nitty-gritty of writing good stylesheets.

  • Css Friendly Cms - Content Management Systems that can be customised using CSS

CSS Concepts

Efficient use and organization of CSS

Box Model

CSS working group pages: - Ian Hickson

CSS Layouts

Float-less Layout

Working with dimensions

Color and Backgrounds, color-mistakes


  • Rendering Mode - how DocType causes browsers to use QuirksMode and StrictMode??? and what some of the differences are
  • Style Switching - how do you let users choose different style sheets?
  • Browser Detection - how do you serve different style sheets to different browsers?


  • Css Hack - the details of using browser bugs to hide CSS or serve specific styles to specific browsers
  • Script Hacks - JavaScript and other programs for solving CSS problems
  • Avoiding Hacks - how to write CSS that works in any browser
  • To Hack Or Not To Hack - discussion of merits of hacking CSS

Sizing Text

  • Font Size - how do I size fonts? is one of the most commonly asked questions about CSS
  • Force Font Size - many authors attempt to force a given font size with pixels. There are are some problems with this of which we should be aware
  • Line Height - related to font-size, this sets the (minimum) height of a line
  • Using Font Size - this is a summary of the Using pages
  • Using Pixels - more details on sizing by pixels
  • Using Points - use point sizing for printed pages only, there are better units for computer monitors
  • Using Ems - more details on sizing by EMs (needs more content here)
  • Using Percentages - trying to get a gradual scale across multiple browsers here's a sample css style sheet
  • Using Keywords - xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large

Sizing Images

Tips & Tricks


Centering objects


Styling links

Styling lists

Styling tables

Styling forms



Bookmarks, tutorials, reference material and CSS-related events.


Opinions abound while consensus is elusive


Talking about talking, or how does this wiki thing work?

Would you like to contribute to this wiki, but don't know where to start? Have a look at the following pages for ideas on what people would like, but haven't had the time to create

  • Answer Needed - sometimes the specifics or the most correct answer is unknown to the author.
  • Wanted Pages - pages which have been linked to but do not exist


  • Wiki Suggestions - ideas for content development what should we write about next
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